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OS X 10.8.4 the latest update released for Mac systems

The OS X 10.8.4 update includes, Wi-Fi Improvements, Fixes iMessages Displaying Out Of Order, Safari 6.0.5, and bug fixes. One specific and notable bug fix rectifies the issue relating to some iMessages messages being displayed in an in correct order of when they were sent and received, which has been a substantial complaint for many Mac […]

Facebook app that will allow users to call each other for free

Facebook is testing the new “free call” feature that allows users to phone each other through the app via a wi-fi connection, avoiding carrier call charges. Voice calls can only be made to other Facebook users who also have the free-call enabled Messenger installed on their iPhone. Users cannot call a Facebook friend who is […]

Samsung and Google launch "Chromebook" and "Chromebox"

Samsung has unveiled two new Chrome OS devices, computers that run Google’s Chrome operating system. One, similar to its predecessors, is a laptop design — “Chromebook” — the other is a “Chromebox”, which is meant to be paired with a monitor. Google says the new Series 5 Chromebook run up to three times faster than the first generation of […]

Microsoft sued for big brother tactics

Microsoft is in the firing line of a lawsuit charging that smartphones powered by Windows 7 software noted the whereabouts of users even if they didn’t want to be tracked. A suit filed on Thursday on behalf of a woman from the US state of Michigan maintained that Microsoft gathered location information from Windows 7 […]