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Hackers can reportedly control almost all Android phones

According to a recent BlueBox Security report, most, if not all Android devices are vulnerable to hacking or being completely taken over remotely by cyber criminals. Mobile security BlueBox claims it has discovered a flaw in the operating system of almost all Google phones and tablets allows hackers to modify its code in a way that “turns any legitimate application into […]

Google announce their own touch screen laptops

The Pixel model which features built-in connectivity will be launched in April at a price of around $US1,449, according to Google. The version shown on Thursday allowed connections to the internet with wireless hot-spot technology or cables. “People will give up a MacBook Air for this,” Chrome senior vice president Sundar Pichai said while showing […]

Google has unveiled a new larger Nexus tablet

Google has launched a large size tablet to compete against the iPad as part of a revamped line of its Nexus devices. Google said on its blog t hat its Nexus 10, a rival to the market-leading iPad,would be “the highest resolution tablet on the planet” and would offer settings for multiple user accounts. The Nexus 10 […]

Microsoft launches 'Xbox Music'

Owners of tablets that run Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8, can choose from millions of songs and stream them for free as long as they put up with an audio ad every 15 minutes. The new service, called Xbox Music, is not on offer anywhere else at the moment. Sweden’s Spotify, for instance, allows track […]