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China’s first lunar rover lands on moon to around of applause

A space module carrying China’s first lunar rover landed on the moon over the weekend. State television showed what was the first soft landing on the moon in close to 4 decades. It was a major step for the emerging superpower’s ambitious space program. Scientists burst into applause as a computer generated image representing the […]

NASA introduces Valkyrie, a robot that appears female and could be used in Mars exploration

NASA exhibits Valkyrie, an advanced humanoid robot that has a female likeness and may used to explore Mars. The ‘Valkyrie’ robot was designed by NASA scientists to compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). Valkyrie stands 1.9-metres tall and weighs 125 kilograms. In Norse mythology, the Valkyrie were female figures who chose which fighters who died […]

NASA rushes to repair the International Space Station’s cooling system.

NASA has rushed to fix a problem with the cooling system at the International Space Station that could delay Orbital Sciences’  first launch next week to deliver cargo. Engineers are still trying to figure out what caused the fault on Wednesday in a flow valve that controls the temperature of the equipment aboard the station, said […]

Scientists have found vast reserves of fresh water located deep beneath the ocean that could prevent a global water crisis.

A recent study revealed this month that an estimated half a million cubic kilometres of low-salinity water lies buried beneath the seabed on continental shelves world-wide The water is located off the coast of Australia, North America, China and South Africa, according to reports. “The volume of this water resource is a hundred times greater than the […]