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Facebook relaxes its rules governing teen privacy. #facebook #socialnetwork

Facebook has frequently found itself embroiled in criticism over its privacy policies, and this one in particular may draw more unwanted attention than usual. Up to Wednesday, Facebook users between the ages of 13 and 17 were only able to share status updates, pictures and videos with their online friends or friends of friends. With the new policy, teenage […]

Will Facebook hashtags impact your privacy?

Facebook announced this week that it is launch the popular hashtag feature to its network users over the next few weeks. Hashtags, made popular by microblogging site Twitter and used on a number of other social sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, turn topics and phrases into clickable links on your personal timeline or your Page. They […]

Siri secretly stores your questions for 2 years

What exactly Siri does with your data isn’t really that clear, although Apple has confirmed that it retains users’ questions for up to 2 years.  Apple said Siri, which needs to be connected to the internet to function, sends every users’ queries to Apple. Apple revealed this information after the question was raised and highlighted the fact that […]

Skype allegedly leaking your location

Skype has continually exposed users’ internet addresses to the entire world, allowing criminals to better target cyber attacks and rivals to locate people. News outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, warned last year about research that showed it was possible to coax Skype into revealing the IP addresses of individual Skype users. Majority of users undoubtedly still have no idea about […]