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Microsoft has withdrawn it’s latest Windows update due to problems it caused on some customers’ devices. #windows #windowsupdate

Microsoft has not released any details around the issues but they say they are investigating. Microsoft removed the RT 8.1 from its Windows store during the weekend citing problems with the update. In place of the update, Microsoft posted an apology for the problem and said it’s trying to resolve the situation quickly. The company […]

Microsoft announces 3D Printing to come in Windows 8.1

Microsoft is laying money on the table that one day soon we’ll all be printing off  3D objects from our desktops. To get ready for the coming 3D craze, and to cater to professionals already working with the technology, Microsoft is aiming to make 3D printing as easy as 2D printing in Windows 8.1. The easiest […]

Adobe releases two emergency Flash fixes for zero-day bugs

Adobe has updated Flash Player to patch two separate zero-day vulnerabilities that hackers had already used to hijack several Windows PCs and Macs. The out-of-band, or emergency, update was Flash’s first of the year and the first since Adobe moved the media software to a regular update schedule last fall. As part of that schedule, […]

Kaspersky Anti-Virus update kills Internet access for several thousand users

Thousands of users had no Internet access after a faulty anti-virus update was released by Kaspersky Lab. The Russian computer security vendor, which has millions of users worldwide, said the global issue that affected “a number of Australians” had now been resolved. The issue was caused by a database update released on Monday. Users that […]