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Microsoft has withdrawn it’s latest Windows update due to problems it caused on some customers’ devices. #windows #windowsupdate

Microsoft has not released any details around the issues but they say they are investigating. Microsoft removed the RT 8.1 from its Windows store during the weekend citing problems with the update. In place of the update, Microsoft posted an apology for the problem and said it’s trying to resolve the situation quickly. The company […]

Microsoft announces 3D Printing to come in Windows 8.1

Microsoft is laying money on the table that one day soon we’ll all be printing off  3D objects from our desktops. To get ready for the coming 3D craze, and to cater to professionals already working with the technology, Microsoft is aiming to make 3D printing as easy as 2D printing in Windows 8.1. The easiest […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will step down within 12 months.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, who took over the helm of the world’s largest software company from founder Bill Gates, plans to retire within the next 12 months according to the company. Microsoft did not name a successor, although the company is said to be forming a search committee whilst Mr Ballmer stays on until his replacement […]

Nokia expresses frustration about the lack of Windows phone apps available

Nokia vice president Bryan Biniak has publicly aired his frustration with partner Microsoft regarding a lack of apps and updates available for Windows phones.  Biniak said that in order to sell phones, Microsoft needs to have apps consumers love and make sure they are better on the Windows Phone operating system. “We are releasing new devices frequently and for […]