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CryptoLocker virus holds your computer for ransom

A malicious new virus called ‘CryptoLocker’ is encrypting important computer files around the world and then demands the owners pay up to unlock them. A flashing ransom note pops up on your screen and says you have 72 hours to in which to pay, or the files will be permanently deleted. A countdown clock indicates how much […]

Security researcher says new malware released can affect your computer’s BIOS.

A prominent security researcher says he has discovered a new version of malware that can adversely affect some of the lowest levels of your PC. What’s even more notable, this new piece of code could actually be the first example of an airborne computer virus. Not via Wi-Fi downloads but input from signals converted into code by your laptop’s […]

Android trojans uses new code to gain botnet distribution

A dangerous and damaging Trojan virus with heinous capabilities, is targeting Google’s Android operating system, according to security researchers. Security organisation Kaspersky Lab, reported that mobile botnets are being used to distribute the Obad.a Trojan, which gains administrative rights on Android devices.  This allows its controllers to do pretty much anything they want to with the device. At the same […]

Jekyll malware test attack hits Apple App store and causes problems for iOS

A malware test app managed to get through Apple’s review process disguised as a regular app, which then went on and re-assembled itself into an aggressive attacker. The attack still occurred even while it ran inside the iOS sandbox , designed to isolate apps and data from each other. The app, dubbed Jekyll, was helped by Apple’s […]