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LinkedIn features you may need to know about

Those who are looking to expand there professional network or do some job hunting, may turn to LinkedIn. With its portfolio of features and tools to browse job listings, connect with colleagues, ask questions, join groups, makes it a great point to connect. But beyond those usual destinations are a number of other lesser-known features and tools […]

Facebook wants you to try and hack them

Hackers who break through the social networking site’s firewalls can be rewarded, thanks to the company’s White Hat program. On one of the lesser visited pages of Facebook, there is a list of 109 hackers who have found ways of getting through the company’s security firewalls. Facebook is not naming and shaming them. On the […]

Samsung reignites smartphone wars with Galaxy S III

Samsung has fired a pre-emptive strike ahead of the launch of the new iPhone with the release of the Galaxy S III Galaxy S III, Samsung’s long-awaited flagship Android smartphone that features a 4.8-inch screen and advanced new software features like face recognition and eye tracking. The launch of the phone – which analysts say heralds […]

Jupiter's icy moons will be the focus of Europe's next large science mission

Dubbed the ‘Juice’ mission, it will investigate the possibility of ”waterworlds” that may harbour life. The €1 billion ($1.27 billion) mission’s primary target is Ganymede, the solar system’s biggest moon, which is 8 per cent larger than Mercury. Ganymede is thought to conceal a deep ocean of salty water beneath a thick crust of ice. It […]