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Worm hacks Tumblr blogs

A destructive software “worm” unleashed by a hacker group hit Tumblr on Monday, defacing pages at the popular blogging platform with a vitriolic and expletive messages. A hacker group going by the acronym “GNAA” claimed responsibility for the diatribe, which dismissed most of what bloggers shared online as worthless. “We are aware that there is […]

theSkyNet project goes rogue, subsequently broadcasts users details

The project theSkyNet, aimed at harnessing users’ spare computing cycles to analyse radio signals from space, has been inadvertently publicly broadcasting the details of users that have been contributing to the project. Late last week  it was alerted that people could navigate to the status page for the project after finding the URL in a configuration file. […]

WordPress celebrates 8 years since its first release

Popular open-source blogging software platform WordPress is today celebrating eight years since it released the first version of its self-hosted blog software, a time where the latest stable version nears 11 million installs on third-party servers. A year ago, WordPress creator and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg posted to the official blog to commemorate seven years in the […]