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Jekyll malware test attack hits Apple App store and causes problems for iOS

A malware test app managed to get through Apple’s review process disguised as a regular app, which then went on and re-assembled itself into an aggressive attacker. The attack still occurred even while it ran inside the iOS sandbox , designed to isolate apps and data from each other. The app, dubbed Jekyll, was helped by Apple’s […]

Instagram bans supporting apps from using parts of its brand

Instagram has banned apps from using the word “Insta” or “Gram” as part of their name. It’s reported that the photo sharing social network site, now owned by Facebook, updated its brand guidelines recently to banning other apps from using any part of the Instagram brand in combination with in any name, marks, designs or generic […]

Nokia expresses frustration about the lack of Windows phone apps available

Nokia vice president Bryan Biniak has publicly aired his frustration with partner Microsoft regarding a lack of apps and updates available for Windows phones.  Biniak said that in order to sell phones, Microsoft needs to have apps consumers love and make sure they are better on the Windows Phone operating system. “We are releasing new devices frequently and for […]

Google Play store filled with scam apps, reports software security firm

An untold number of bogus apps are added daily to Google’s Play store for Android devices, according to security provider Symantec. Over the past 7 months, Symantec has found more than 1,200 suspicious apps available in the Play store. Google removes many shortly after they’re published, but others stay in the store for a few […]